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Most people understand that taking a little time off is good for you. Hobbies are more than just distractions, they’re key to overall mental health. And if you been to this site before, you know that we’re big proponents of square dancing as an ideal way to spend some free time.

While we’ve got lots of reasons to be pro-square dancing, it seems that people have plenty of excuses not to check into it. Thing is, a lot of those excuses are based on misinformation. So we made a short list of the top reasons people give for not wanting to square dancing … along with why they’re really bad excuses.

Excuse #1: “I don’t want to dress like that.”

Like what? Jeans? Flannel? Boots? Gingham? A hundred layers of petticoats …? Ok, we’ll admit that there is a traditional clothing style long associated with square dancing, and some people do like to go the whole route. But it’s not some kind of requirement: on any given day, you’ll find a third to one-half of the dancers here are in regular “street clothes”; yoga pants are very popular.

Think of it this way: if you attend a pro football game, you’ll see everything from normal clothing to people who paint themselves with team colors and wear cheese hats. The bulk of people, however, fall somewhere in between: mostly normal, but with a coat, hat, or sweatshirt that sports their team’s name or logo. They go with what makes them comfortable, nobody judges, and everyone has fun. Same thing here.

Excuse #2: “I don’t like country music.”

Again, while it has traditionally been the genre of choice, country music isn’t the only music we dance to anymore. Springsteen, The Who, Adele … nowadays we dance to a wide variety of music: country, traditional folk, show tunes, rock, pop … even disco–although that last one can be hard on the caller!

Also, even if you’re not a country music fan per se, there is a completely different vibe when you’re dancing to a live band. We rely on recorded music a lot, but all our dancers agree that everything’s better with a band.

Excuse #3: “I’m allergic to straw.”

We’re kidding, right? Well, actually, we’ve heard this excuse a lot more than you might think. But square dancing is hardly confined to barns anymore. Honestly, you’d probably have trouble finding a genuine barn dance, even if you were looking for one. Our studio, however, is clean, bright, and air-conditioned … and you don’t have to hike to a little building out back to find a restroom!

Excuse #4: “Square dancing is for old people.”

Well, if by “old” you mean “able to walk without falling over every three steps,” then yeah, square dancing is for old people. Seriously, our dancers range from elementary school students to octogenarians. In fact, it’s easier to learn when you’re younger and don’t have quite so much stuff packed into your brain yet!

Excuse #5: “I don’t know how to do it.”

And you never will until you try. Learning new things is a great way to build your brain muscles, and stepping to the music helps with coordination and grace. Will you get everything right the first time? Probably not. But not only are square dancers a forgiving bunch, they’re also eager to share their passion, so you’ll find us ready to help. Remember: every new song is a chance to try again.

There you have it. So now you have no excuse. Come by and check us out and see what you’re missing.

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