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As much as we talk about the individual and everybody identifying however they choose, as much as we promote the idea the “everything you need is already inside you,” there is one fact that has remained a constant since the time immortal: like it or not, we live in a Noah’s Ark world.

People have been pairing off since … well, since there were people to pair off. It ain’t always pretty—just ask that fella in the thick glasses and high-water pants who never got a date in high school. It ain’t always fair—women earn over half the doctoral degrees in this country, but less than 1 out of 4 technology doctorates go to women. But that doesn’t change the reality: our culture, our society—heck our very existence as a species: it’s all based around couples.

Nowadays, those couples don’t necessarily look the same as they did: people of different races, people of the same gender … the definition of “couple” has expanded, and that’s probably overall a good thing. There’s something deep inside all of us that just doesn’t like being alone. We’re born to share.

Now, what does all this have to do with square dancing? Glad you asked.

We live in age where we have online “friends” around the world, but don’t know the person living across the street. Yet too much time on “social media” sites has been directly linked with depression—so much so that “Facebook Depression” is an actual thing now. One has to wonder why they even called it FACEbook, since its major accomplishment seems to be keeping people from ever acting face-to-face.

Being alone, it seems, is killing us. And what’s worse, it’s gotten so bad, we don’t even know HOW to be social anymore. We don’t know how to interact unless there’s a keyboard involved. And that’s why dancing—social dancing, not just shaking your stuff in front of the coffee table—is becoming an even more important element of society.

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to increase their social interaction. And since we’ve established that we all have that inherent draw toward couplehood, we’d prefer to do this social thing with like-minded people, preferably in a fun, interesting, and low-pressure environment.

There are untold options. But dancing is one simple and straight-forward way to accomplish this goal. “But I don’t know how to dance!” you say? Well, why not consider dance classes? Taking dance lessons is a surefire way of meeting new and interesting people while you’re learning new and beneficial skills. Dance provides a way to interact with other people, as well as exhilarating exercise.

But if you’re a non-dancer looking at dance as a method of getting off your duff and being around real honest-to-God people, well, I have another suggestion: square-dancing.

Don’t tell me you didn’t see THAT coming!

While any type of dancing is better than none, square-dancing offers something that most other forms can’t match: a low entry point. You can show up to a square-dance sentence literally knowing nothing about square-dancing, and within 15 minutes be part of the fun. You won’t know everything, of course—the moves and variations are practically endless—but you’ll know enough to actually take part and have a great time.

Our original intent when we started this site—and the studio it’s based on—was to encourage young people to try square dance. As time goes on, however, we’re discovering that it’s not just kids who need to be encouraged.

Square dance isn’t age-oriented: it can benefit anyone. So if you find yourself too often in front of a screen … why not give your local square dance organization a try?

Who knows? Your perfect mate might already be there.

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