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Those who are passionate about square dancing know how rewarding the activity can be. We understand and appreciate the comradery, community, exercise and more.

Those outside the world of square dancing don’t often see the allure. They don’t understand our commitment or enthusiasm. Trying to convince them to join the fun is often futile.

Therefore, it is encouraging and rewarding to hear positive news in the square dancing community.

A Longtime Dancer

For many of us, square dancing is a life-long hobby. Once we get hooked, it is difficult to stop. That’s why we totally understand and can relate to Esther Chute’s story.

Last month, Esther received a noteworthy award from the United Square Dancers of America—she was crowned the oldest active square dancer in the entire continental North America.

Esther resides in Wilmot, Nova Scotia and has been active in her local square dancing club for more than 50 years. At 101 years of age, Esther reins queen of all northern dancers.

Originally, Esther joined the square dancing community as a form of exercise. She knew she needed to get out and socialize more too. This killed two birds with one stone. Once she started dancing, it seemed natural to continue.

Community Support

In addition to the national and international square dancing organizations that gathered to honor Esther, many locals turned up for the celebration too. In fact, the community hall was filled with friends and family members.

Despite all the hullabaloo, Esther remained modest. In response to her recognition, Esther remarked that it was a nice gesture.

Shedding Light on Square Dancing

Not only does this news story highlight Esther’s achievements, it also shines a positive light on the square dancing community.

Raising awareness and enthusiasm for our lifestyle brings more eager participants. And new participants bring rejuvenation and a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Hopefully, stories like this will be popping up all over the globe. Where will we find the oldest square dancer in the USA? How has square (or folk) dancing influenced the older generations in other countries?

Have you heard similar stories about long-time square dancers? Or perhaps you yourself have been dancing for decades? Tell us about your lifelong commitment to square dancing in the comment section below!

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