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We’ve written here in the past about the overall benefits of square dancing. Some questions have come in recently on how those advantages apply specifically to adults. We strongly believe square dancing is ideal for all ages, so today we’re going to address some of those points.

Everyone knows that exercise is important. But not all exercise regiments are created equal: studies have shown that dancing is one of the top ways to keep a person’s brain and body active, flexible, and healthy … so if you’re an adult in the market for a healthy hobby, it’s time to get your allemande on!

This Is the “Reel” Deal

Unlike some other forms of dance, square dancing is a complete physical exercise that also benefits the dancer mentally and psychologically. Here are just a few of the perks adult square dancers enjoy:

It Makes Your Body Stronger

Square dancing helps to combat many of the physical difficulties associated with aging. Participants benefit from improved circulation and stronger muscles, leading to a decrease in serious age-related health issues like strokes and heart attacks. Side benefit: The average person can burn roughly 200 to 400 calories during 30 minutes of dancing!

It Increases Your Flexibility

Many people believe they are old too increase their flexibility, but black belt martial artist Stacey Nemour disagrees: “Anyone of any age can become more flexible, if they learn to do it properly and commit to it.” With its continual moving, twisting, and turning, square dancing offers participants the chance to gain a more complete range of motion and maintain muscle resilience without pain.

It Decreases Your Chance of Falls

Face it: most of us are simply not born graceful, and the older we get, the more likely we are to take a tumble. Seniors, in particular, exhibit a higher risk for falls, and those falls often result in a broken bone or a head injury. Square dancing helps increase balance, coordination, reaction time, and spatial awareness, reducing the risk of falls.

It Keeps Your Brain Sharp

There’s more to square dancing than twirling. Newcomers start from scratch, learning more than 68 separate moves … and all dancers must be able to quickly comprehend and interpret the caller’s directions. Regular practice has a positive effect on the brain, increasing mental acumen and helping build cognitive ability and memory … which in turn has been shown to help stall the onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

It Gives You Friends … for Life

A recent CBS News article stated that more Americans are stressed and depressed than ever before. Studies have shown that the more time people spend on social media sites, the more isolated and anxiety-ridden they tend to feel. Square dancers come together over a shared love of music, teamwork and sociability. Collectively, they respond as parts of a greater whole, responding to the music as they react to the caller’s direction. It is a perfect opportunity to develop strong social ties that contribute to self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, and a positive outlook.

Take the First Steps

It’s been shown that hobbies of all types can make for better leaders, workers and communities. As both hobbies and exercise go, square dancing has a lot to recommend it, particularly for adults. If you’ve been looking for a fun, unique way to improve your overall health, consider square dancing. Your mind and body will thank you.

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