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The square dance originated out of necessity. Settlers who emigrated from different countries didn’t have a way to socialize and dance with one another; each ethnic group brought their own customs.

Determined to find a universal technique, the settlers decided to mash all their traditional dance steps together. To keep everyone organized, a caller (or person to guide the dancing) keeps track of the movements and directs dancers in their next step.

Square dancing is comprised of several different dance moves. The more moves you know, the more often you’ll be able to participate.

Here are three of the most basic dance steps to get you started.

How to Do the Do Sa Do

  • While standing beside your partner, look towards the middle of the dance floor.
  • The female should grip her skirt with both hands.
  • Turn towards your partner.
  • Both the male and the female should move towards the other person at the same time.
  • The male will walk past his partner on the right side, brushing her right arm. When he gets past her, he will slide to the right (without turning around). Then, he will take a step backwards, which will bring him to his original position.
  • The female will repeat the process, circling the male and return to her original position.

How to Do the Flutterwheel

  • Stand beside your partner as all the participants line the outer edge of the dance floor.
  • At the appropriate time, each female will advance towards the female standing directly across from her on the opposite side of the dance floor.
  • The females will grasp hands and move in a circle (to the right).
  • After the females have circled, the male partners will move forward.
  • Rather than reconnect with his original partner, he will grasp the hand of the other female from across the dance floor.
  • The remaining female will partner with the remaining male who had originally been positioned on the opposite side of the dance floor.
  • Each of the females will return to her original side of the dance floor.
  • Both new couples will face the center.

How to Reverse the Flutterwheel

  • Rather than have the females advance towards the center, the males will move forward.
  • The males will grasp hands and circle around.
  • The abandoned females will move forward and reclaim their original pattern, moving back to their original spot on the dance floor.

Once you have a basic understanding of how to square dance, you can add more complex steps to your repertoire.

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